At PROFILO® Eyewear we use Aspheric Lens. The word 'aspheric' means 'not spherical'. So, an aspheric lens is not shaped like a ball. The contours of the front surface change from the center of the lens to the edges. Aspheric lenses are designed to guide light rays through the lens so that they all focus together on the retina,and this design results in flatter lenses.

Even in lower-power lenses, such as +1.00, the benefit is apparent in a flatter, less bulgy convex lens. In higher-power lenses, such at +4.00, the flatter profile is all the more evident. The aspheric plus-power lens flattens toward the edges and the minus-power lens steepens toward the edges. This flatter profile in both plus and minus lenses eliminates the magnification and minification of the wearer's eyes. Aspheric lenses are lighter, since there is less mass, making eyewear more comfortable. And most important of all the reasons to recommend aspheric lenses is the superior optics. The front curves of the aspheric lens are made so that the power remains consistent throughout the lens and as the eye moves away from the optical center, acuity remains sharp.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to fulfill clients needs to the best of their satisfaction by providing our high performance and highest quality products at very competitive prices with proper delivery & service

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